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Streetree Lamp

I had a request from Gangnam District Office to design the street lamp to be installed in Yanjae River. The re-establishment of Chunggye River in the northern part of Seoul has been positioning as a cultural space of Seoul citizen. The design of the street lamp in Yangjae River in Gangnam was to be changed in line with the reborn as a new cultural space. The point requested from Gangnam District Office was the design to be harmonized with the nature. If Chunggye River presented the brilliant mood via artificial design, on the contrary, Yangjae River is going to be a mood of assimilating with the nature in calmness. It was not easy to find the image of street lamp assimilating with the nature in spite of many surveys on the street lamp in many places. The geometric feeling radiating from the cylindrical tandem type is too far from the natural feeling. In addition, it might be childish like the fixture in the amusement park if it is expressed by tracing the metaphor of assimilating with nature. When the shape of the street lamp is observed, the shape of straight post and horizontally stretched lamp are recognized as the stem and branches of tree. The split feeling of the tree or the appearing of the sprout was expressed in the street lamp.


/ designed in Innodesign consultancy. 2008


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