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Porket VR

This is a small, portable VR device that resembles a piglet ( porket ). You can attach your mobile phone to this product and carry it with you. This is not much different from the shape of a conventional cell phone case. It just has a lens that allows you to experience VR contents. In fact, VR devices are not products with such advanced technology. If you hold a convex lens to your eyes and look at the phone screen, you will see an expanded image in front of your eyes. Today, as display technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, we are provided with images and images with more pixels. And even if you expand it with a convex lens, the picture quality isn't that bad. This is the simple principle of VR devices.But, why do existing VR devices have a thick volume? The biggest reason is the focal length of the convex lens. For accurate focus, a gap of at least 4-6 cm is required. I was thinking about how to adjust this distance variably. I thought: Normally, the product is folded and stored, but when using a VR device, it is opened and unfolded and the lens is pushed back at the same time. The folding structure of this product has another very big advantage. It creates a screen that blocks the light. As you know, in order to watch VR contents, it is essential to block the light and darken the area around the eyes.


2018  / Internel Concept Project

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