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90 Degree Instinct

A mobile phone case basically has the function of protecting the exterior of the product. And sometimes, it performs a more secondary function. For example, a phone case can be used as a wallet, or it can function as a stand for a cell phone. These additional functions are already very familiar to us. The concept of the phone case I would like to propose is for users who often use their cell phone as a camcorder. Young people these days use their cell phones to record their daily lives on video. And some of them want to do more professional video shooting.

I chose the Samsung Galaxy Flip series to design a case that satisfies such user needs. The Galaxy Flip series is a mobile phone that can be folded in half and unfolded using the characteristics of a flexible display. And when its angle becomes 90 degrees, it resembles the shape of an old small camcorder. By using a case designed specifically for this flip phone, we can maximize its usability as a camcorder.

In addition to the camcorder grip, it is also possible to stand up the phone using a tripod hidden inside the case. Of course, it is not desirable to reduce the portability of the phone due to these additional functions. I believe that providing more functions and maintaining portability is the key solution for mobile phone cases.

2023  / Client : SAMSUNG C&T

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