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Popup Scooter

A variety of single-person transportation devices have emerged in our society these days. Due to the development of battery technology, the types of bicycles, scooters, and kickboards using electric motors are diversified and overflowing. Through this single-person mobility, we have been able to move more conveniently in the city center. I designed a product that combines a stand-up kickboard and a sit-down bike. This product transforms from a kickboard shape to an electric bicycle by using the power of a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders are widely used as a solution for adjusting the height of chairs around us. Since the power of this hydraulic cylinder has the power to lift one adult man, it is suitable for lifting the structure of this product.


I believe that in the future, there will be more and more one-person mobility and the necessary social infrastructure. And various types and structures of single-person transport devices will continue to be made challenging. And some people want a more sporty driving experience, while others want a comfortable ride. And like a fashion item, it could be a means of revealing yourself. This is because certain products are constantly evolving to satisfy various human needs.

2022  / Internel Concept Project

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