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This product is an electric razor for women. When women do hair removal on their body, it is to make themselves beautiful. So, I thought that a razor for hair removal was a product of the same concept as cosmetics for taking care of oneself. So, I propose a design with a more emotional and beautiful sensibility that is different from men's razors. Batteries and components of products are getting smaller and smaller. And it makes the razor smaller, making it more portable. However, proper grip is important for delicate handling of the product. This product is designed with a Voronoi pattern for the grip part. It creates an appropriate grip for the product with minimal weight gain. The shaver does not require a large-capacity battery because it is not a product that is used for a long time after being charged. However, in case the product cannot always be with the charger, a separate battery can be installed. It can be mounted by the user into a Voronoi pattern grip.


2022  / Internel Concept Project

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