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DivineCurl Styler

This rechargeable electric eyelash curler is an innovative beauty tool designed for women who seek to style their eyelashes beautifully and uniquely. By heating the eyelashes, it creates a natural curl while emphasizing the eyes and adding a touch of dramatic effect. The product is not only convenient for home use with its rechargeable feature but is also portable, allowing easy use while on the go.

Using a heated brush, it gently styles the eyelashes, lifting them to create a curled effect and providing a wavy appearance. This results in a more natural and enchanting look. Furthermore, by pre-styling the eyelashes and applying mascara afterward, users can achieve longer and higher lashes, accentuating the beauty of their eyes.

The design of the product prioritizes the user's sensibility, resembling a small objet d'art. The pattern, inspired by the mood of gently curled eyelashes, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product. Such design elements aim to offer users an enhanced makeup experience, allowing them to express their eyelash styling with a touch of sophistication. Lastly, when designing the product, emphasis was placed not only on creating a visually pleasing design but also on connecting with the user's unique sensibilities.

2024  / Internal Project

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