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Circle or Dot

The lid of trash can has one circle and one small dot. The waste is thrown through the large circle and it sharpens the pencil with the small dot. And the pencil waste is automatically thrown into the waste can. Recently, people do not sharpen pencil that much. But when they need to sharpen the pencil, the pencil sharpener is hard to find. The pencil sharpener in recent day is not really used that much that it is not available when needed. <Circle or Dot> is the waste can that is attached with the pencil sharpener on the lid. This is the design needed for all the time but is the design for certain moment of occasional use. The infrequently used pencil sharpener does not have to be splendid looking. It does not need to show itself off to take certain space either. <Circle or Dot> contains the dynamic relationship of reduced value of pencil sharpener and new environment.


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