This is a gun-shaped mobile phone controller. Through the built-in camera of the product or the camera of a mobile phone, reality and virtual can be mixed. So, it is possible to use various contents and games of augmented reality. Since the mobile phone can be mounted horizontally or vertically, the product can be used according to the content situation. This device has several joints, so it is possible to freely adjust the angle. When designing this product, the most important thing I thought was to create a minimalist and intuitive form. This was a difficult mission. It is structurally too complex, and ergonomics have to be considered. To maximize usability and to find a minimal form-starts with finding a lot of unnecessary elements of form and structure. And through these works, the essence of the product is revealed as effectively as possible. When designing the product, we considered the application of low specific gravity plastic-so that users can feel as light as possible.

2018  / Internel Concept Project